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Is Medi-DVD right for your practice? Read these testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied medical professionals!


Medi-DVD has taken my surgical practice to the next level. Patients go away with a better understanding of their condition and treatment plan. And as a result, our patient satisfaction scores have never been higher. My wife, a GP, can’t wait for the chronic disease editions to come out. This is an excellent product, created by a physician for physicians to help educate their patients. Couldn’t be happier!


Dallas, TX


As a surgeon, ethics have always been a pillar of my practice. With Medi-DVD, I am able to empower my patients with tastefully presented information about their specific procedure. I have found that the visual aids allow them to ask more questions and, ultimately, better understand the procedure, benefits, risks, and post-operative care pertaining to their condition. Medi-DVD’s quality images and audio are accessible to every patient and have become an indispensible tool in my practice. Thanks Medi-DVD!           



Chicago, IL

Ordered the DVDs for my neurosurgery practice and love them. The animations and graphics are great and Dr. Colen’s clear explanations serve to reinforce my own, helping the patient to gain confidence in me as their surgeon. Highly recommended.



Providence, RI



Medi-DVD is a great resource. It can be tough explaining a patient’s condition and recommended surgical procedure to a patient’s family when tensions are running high. My associates and I turn to Medi-DVD to help our patients and their families prepare for an impending procedure. It’s great to help get everyone “on board” and generate questions pre-op. It saves time and our patients and families can watch the DVDs multiple times until they feel relaxed and ready for surgery.


Gainesville, FL


The physician I work with as a medical assistant recently ordered the MediDVDs and all of us think they’re great! As medical assistants we often see very anxious patients pre-op who are suffering with a condition requiring surgery and don’t know what will happen to them. We’ve seen that the explanations and animations on the MediDVDs often relax patients and allow them to take in the information. It’s nice to sit with a patient and watch the DVD along with them on the TV or laptop. You can even pause it to answer questions! I really recommend these DVDs, they’re fantastic.



Rochester, NY


My hospital frequently admits patients from diverse backgrounds, often who understand very little English. Medi-DVDs have become a great tool for us to illustrate procedures clearly to these patients and their loved ones. Our staff translators have found them easy to translate to patients and my nurses have noted the change in attitude toward treatment in so many of our patients who have watched the DVDs. We’d been looking a long time for better methods to help our non-English speaking patients and we found our solution with Medi-DVD!


RN, MSN Director of Nursing

Orange County, CA


Medi-DVD is great. Your staff will save time and patients will be highly satisfied. Only wish we had ordered them sooner. We don’t want to work another day without them!



Madison, WI


Medi-DVD is a revolution in patient education materials. It makes explaining procedures and post-op care a breeze. We’re very satisfied.


Dayton, OH